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Okima K.


Peau Veloutee products are excellent! It's so smooth and it really hydrates my skin. The fragrances are amazing and long lasting.

Alvin D. 


Peau Veloutee body cream is awesome. It's nice, thick, and creamy. Very moisturizing. Nice scent. 

Ashley W.


Peau Veloutee products has helped me tremendously with my dry skin! It's so moisturizing and smells soooo good! My friends are always dipping into my products. 

Janae N.



This is the best body cream I've ever used!! It smells so good and the fragrance last all day. Thank you Peau Veloutee!

Jasmine V.


I've never tried soy candles before. However these candles smell so freaking good! I have the Drunkin Pumpkin and Eve's Apple. Perfect scents for the fall.

Shirley S.


Peau Veloutee have very good products. I use the soap, candles, and lotion all the time.

Allison B.


I met these lovely ladies at a craft market, and they were so friendly and funny! Not to mention their lotion (especially the Drippin in Champagne) smells so amazing that it hit me from several tables away and I basically floated toward them like it was and old-timey cartoon. The scent lasts all day and I've gotten a ton of compliments on it.

Jasmine N.


Best Shower Ever!! #ismellgooood

Kevin B.



In my field, I see a lot of clients throughout the day. I would always feel self conscious about my hands because they would get so dry. When I started to use Peau Veloutee body butter, I noticed this was the first product that keeps me moisturized all day. Gone are the days of putting weak lotion on my skin every 5 minutes. Thanks PV!

Margie G.



The products I've used are excellent. I plan to always use.

Amy K.


LOVE LOVE this body lotion, works very well for my skin care & smells awesome!

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